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Family Law Arbitration is available under the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators' scheme as an alternative to the Court process. Under the scheme, the parties appoint an Arbitrator to resolve their dispute which can be in relation to financial issues and/or child arrangements.

Our sole principal, Justine Soper, qualified as an Arbitrator in 2013 and is able to deal with financial disputes between parties. A fixed fee service for Arbitration can usually be offered to assist with budgeting your costs.

The particular advantages of Arbitration are speed and flexibility. It is a much quicker process than Court - leading usually to lower costs as a result. The timetable set out by Justine for documents and statements to be exchanged between everyone is fixed to suit all diaries. Likewise, any hearings are scheduled to suit you and you also choose the venue. Justine's fees as an Arbitrator are usually shared equally between you and your former Partner.

As a JLS client, we would always discuss the Arbitration process with you as a dispute resolution option to resolve your dispute.

If you are not a JLS client, you can instruct Justine Soper as an Arbitrator.

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