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Cohabitation primarily relates to couples who are in an intimate relationship on a permanent or long term basis, without entering into marriage or civil partnership.

At JLS Solicitors, we can draw up a Cohabitation Agreement for you. Similar to a pre-nuptial agreement, it seeks to protect each partner's assets in the event of the relationship ending. The Court will often take this into account if any dispute arises.

If a cohabiting relationship breaks down, the law relating to how any financial issues are decided between the couple is very different to divorce law. It is often a complex area to deal with.

At JLS Solicitors we can help guide you through this potential minefield, if possible using dispute resolution but if an agreement cannot be reached, we will advise and assist you in having a decision made by the Court or within Arbitration.

In respect of any parenting issues that arise relating to children of a cohabiting relationship, the same approach is taken as with married couples or civil partners, see our Children page.


Please contact us directly to discuss your cohabitation rights.

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