Civil partnership dissolution
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The Civil Partnership Act changed a number of others Acts of Parliament so that they must now be read to include civil partners, where they were originally drafted to refer only to married couples. In 2013, legislation was passed that allows same sex couples to legally marry. A further change to the law in 2019 now means that heterosexual couples can also enter into a Civil Partnership.

In respect of relationship breakdown, the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 makes provision for civil partners to seek dissolution of their relationship, in the same way that a married couple can seek a divorce. The provisions for financial claims to be brought are also extended to include civil partners. Pre or post-marital agreements are also applicable to civil partnership dissolution.

All the information included on our website surrounding relationship breakdown apply equally to civil partners. At JLS Solicitors we can also help you to consider and discuss any issues that arise from the breakdown of a Civil Partnership in a non-confrontational way through dispute resolution options. Please contact us directly to discuss your individual requirements.

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