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Mediation is a process of negotiation where you and your partner come together with the help of an independent mediator to discuss the issues arising from your relationship breakdown.

Our sole principal, Justine Soper, is an Accredited Family Mediator with over 15 years' experience in assisting couples mediate on the issues arising from their relationship breakdown, including

  • Financial Issues

  • Parenting Arrangements 

  • Living arrangements whilst longer term issues are still being dealt with

  • Interim finances to deal with any immediate difficulties arising on separation

This is not an exhaustive list and any issues arising from relationship breakdown can be dealt with in mediation.

Justine is also able to speak to children as part of the mediation process, giving them a voice and a chance to add their thoughts to those of their parents to help them decide on arrangements.

Justine can also conduct Mediation Information & Assessment Meetings - or MIAM as they are known. Such meetings are a pre-cursor to any Court proceedings starting for financial issues or child arrangements and also to assess whether a dispute resolution process could be taken by the couple rather than the long and costly Court process.

Many of our mediation clients have commented on the calming and relaxed atmosphere created within our offices. As an alternative, we can conduct mediation using remote video conferencing.

We provide a confidential and safe environment for you to talk to Justine and to each other, keeping the lines of communication open.

Contact us directly to discuss your individual mediation requirements.

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