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Arbitration or Court?

May 2021

Even before Covid-19 changed all our lives, the Family Court had been creaking under the weight of cases before it, with Judges and Court staff having significant caseloads; whilst practitioners and clients frequently experienced weeks and months of delays for hearings and papers to be received.


No Fault Divorce

January 2021

Everyone at JLS Solicitors wishes you a very happy beginning to the year. We hope 2021 is better than the last!


Suspended sentence for woman who live streamed video of boyfriend's trial

February 18th, 2021

A woman who live streamed her partner’s Crown court trial on Facebook after videoing from the public gallery has received a four-month prison sentence, suspended for two years.


The Voice of the Child

March 2021

Understandably when we deal with a separating or divorcing couple, the main concerns we hear first are about their children. For me, this is particularly why I established JLS’ primary ethos to be talking to every client about dispute resolution options.