Parental Responsibility
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Parental Responsibility, or "PR", is said to be a bundle of rights, responsibilities and duties that a parent has in relation to their child. it includes such things as the right to decide on medical treatment, where the child is to go to school and so on.

At JLS Solicitors, we can advise and assist you on any issues arising in respect of Parental Responsibility. If you and your former partner are having difficulties in deciding matters for your children, such as where they will go to school, or if one of you wishes to move away​, or abroad, we can help you try to resolve these issues; through discussion and negotiation where possible.

If matters cannot be resolved, we will thoroughly prepare your case for the Court or Arbitration and ensure expert representation.

We can also act immediately in an urgent situation, such as having just discovered an intention to move away or change schools. The Court can make urgent orders in situations such as these.

PR is held by the parents of a child where they are married or who later marry each other. Where the parents are not married, the mother has PR and (from 2003) the father has it if he is present at the time of the child's birth registration and is named on the birth certificate.

If a father does not have PR, the mother can sign a Parental Responsibility Agreement with him, or the Court can make an Order granting it.

For further information relating to the children and parenting arrangements, contact us directly for details.

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