Children & Parenting Arrangements

At JLS Solicitors, we will work with you and assist you in sorting out the arrangements for your children after the end of your relationship with your former partner.

Such things as where the children are going to live and how often they will see each of their parents can be difficult to agree upon, particularly at the time of the relationship breakdown between parents. Issues can also arise later - arrangements often have to evolve as the children get older, or circumstances change within the family.

We can help you work out the best arrangements for your family, ideally through dispute resolution but also including representing you in Court or Arbitration proceedings if agreement is not possible.

JLS can help you to reach agreement with your co-parent where possible about your children’s arrangements, which can then be incorporated into a Parenting Plan.


If arrangements can’t be agreed, we will help you towards having a decision made by a Family Court Judge or Arbitrator, so you have certainty concerning your children, where they are to live and the time they spend with you.

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